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User Owned
Known You're well known around the forums. Known
Helper Helps out other members. Helper
Referrer Refer 25 Members to DemonForums Referrer
Member of the Month This is a monthly award for the best member. Member of the Month
Tutorial Expert You have created some awesome tutorials! Tutorial Expert
Graphics Expert Talented Graphics Designer Graphics Expert
Web Developer Those who have Web Development skills. Web Developer
YouTube Make a youtube video Advertising DF YouTube
Anime Lover Knows a lot about Anime Anime Lover
Coder Professional Coder Coder
Elite Poster You've reached 250 posts! Congratulations! Elite Poster
Master Poster You've reached 500 posts! Congratulations! Master Poster
Legend Poster You've reached 1000 posts! Congratulations! Legend Poster
Champion Poster You've reached 5000 posts! You are a true champion! Champion Poster
Leaker Top Leaker Leaker
Gamer Hardcore Gamer. Gamer
Advertiser Advertises DF Advertiser
Brain Wizard Prove you are Smart Brain Wizard
Reputation King Achieved 100 reputation Reputation King
Top Daily Poster Always a top daily poster Top Daily Poster
Group Owner Own a group Group Owner
Elite Hacker Master at hacking Elite Hacker
Special This award has no requirements, it is given to the best people on the forums Special
Lounge This user is very active in the "Lounge" forum. Lounge
Vices Bay For the most active users in the vices bay. Vices Bay
Gambler You love to gamble credits. Gambler
Grammar Nazi You must have excellent grammar in your posts to achieve this award. Grammar Nazi
Demon You must prove yourself to be a true Demon to achieve this award. Demon
FK Award For the members who joined from ForumKorner. FK Award
HF Award For the members who joined from HackForums. HF Award
Sticky Earn by getting one of your threads stickied. (Paid stickies do not count.) Sticky
Sly Report a bug/backend. Sly
Liked Reach 100 Likes Liked
Liked+ Reach 500 Likes Liked+
Liked++ Reach 1,000 Likes Liked++
Creator Create 250 Threads Creator
Creator+ Create 1,000 Threads Creator+
Addicted Spent 1 Month Online Addicted
Selfie Post a selfie in the official selfie lounge. Selfie
Joker Being active in the Funny Stuff & Jokes Section. Joker
Cracker User very experienced in cracking accounts and configs. Cracker
Credits I Earn 500 Credits Credits I
Credits II Earn 1000 Credits Credits II
Santa Hat Buy this award for 500 Credits during Christmas. Santa Hat
Knight Buy this award for 500 Credits on the shop. Knight
Credit Whore Buy this award for 2,500 Credits on the shop. Credit Whore
Hoarder Buy this award for 25,000 Credits on the shop. Hoarder
Gold These users have purchased the Gold upgrade. Gold
Diamond These users have purchased the Diamond upgrade. Diamond
Emerald These users have purchased the Emerald upgrade. Emerald
Donator III You have donated $100 or more to DF. Donator III
Donator II You have donated $50 or more to DF. Donator II
Donator IV (Master Donator) You have donated $250 or more to DF. Donator IV (Master Donator)
Donator V (Ultimate Donator) You are a savior of DF. You have donated $500 or more to DF. This comes with a free award of your choice besides this one. Donator V (Ultimate Donator)
Gifter Upgraded 3 members excluding themselves. Gifter
Donator I You have donated $25 or more to DF. Donator I
BTC Donate $25 to DF to receive this award. - Address: 1EGdRttDW6KkydMWKqZR3MXRJ2NfSTMjD7 BTC
Ninja This award is for a select few who show their skills in watching over the forum. - Owned by @XeTangy Ninja
Shiro Kitsune This award is granted to those who have shown to be both intelligent and wise, as a Kitsune is often known to be. - Owned by @Weeaboo Shiro Kitsune
Axe Granted to those seen helping out the Staff Team consistently. - Owned by @Axe Axe
Christmas 2016 Only available during 2016 Christmas Contest Christmas 2016
Halloween 2016 Granted to Halloween 2016 Contest Participants Halloween 2016
Halloween 2016 - Winners Granted to winners of the 2016 halloween contest. Halloween 2016 - Winners