My confession
Ever since I was 10-11 I have been depressed.
It's a hard thing to live with, and just horrible in general.. I have started cutting since 12 years old... I am 15 now, but I just feel so horrible, and lost. ESPECIALLY when my father went to jail.

As you may see there's old cuts from a few weeks ago vv
[Image: 313545e141002d52daa1ee96c80d54d2.png]

[Image: cFUePg.png]
Posting this on an online forum is probably not the best idea.

Try and seek professional help if you want to feel better

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Yup self harm is horrible. I guess I know all about it. Recover well.
I am very sorry to hear about that, but I don't think this is the best place to share this. I know you mean well, you just want to talk with someone, but we are not doctors, and we can never be as good as someone professional can be.

I hate to come across as offensive here, but this Thread gives this Forum a bit of a dark light, I mean "Demon Forums" and seeing people talking about depression and pictures of cuts -- it just isn't right. This would properly file under Personal Life section, so I will just go ahead and move this to there.

I do wish you the very best of luck in dealing with your problems, we have nothing against you, it's just that we simply cannot provide the help you need.

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I would say something as my sense of humor is sick but I'm not going to.

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I think I'm just going to close this Thread to avoid any potential upsets. I hope you understand, and I wish you the very best. Heart

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