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(10-02-2016, 06:29 AM)Tear Wrote:
(10-02-2016, 06:14 AM)Alex Wrote:
(10-02-2016, 04:54 AM)Tear Wrote: Name/Alias:  Tear
Age: 19
Why are you interested in joining?: Because I am Half Jap and I love anime, manga, and my other half of culture.
What is your favorite anime?: Zero no Tsukaima.

I think you'd get a better chance if you included more content, but good luck man.

But I don't wanna make an app that has too much bs on it. I rather keep it plain and simple.

I see, alright that makes sense.

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Name/Alias: Red
Age: Old enough
Why are you interested in joining? I do love some good old fashioned 80s and 90s anime.
What is your favorite anime? Pokemon.

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Name/Alias: Rin here, Santino irl
Age: 18
Why are you interested in joining? I am interested in joining because I want to support the group, talk and discuss with fellow anime watchers. I also want to share pictures, gifs and all sort of stuff.
What is your favorite anime? My favourite anime is Jigoku Shoujo. I even made a thread about it on here: http://demonforums.net/Thread-Hell-Girl-You-should-watch-it

Name/Alias:  Crunk // Mike
Age:   20
Why are you interested in joining?  To prove why Rem is the best girl and to be in a community of fellow anime watchers/lovers
What is your favorite anime? I have way too many, but...Here are my top 5:

Death Note: For me, Death Note was an earlier anime I watched on Toonami as a youth dub'ed and I kinda got the understanding of it back then, but more recently (within 3 years) watched it again sub'd and dub'd again and got a much better understanding of how badly Light's God-complex was and the actual gravity of the existence of the Death Notes. For me, the plot got me. It ran into some really interesting topics that as a kid, I was strangely into, as I grew up the intrigue from this idea of killing someone with a stroke of a pen was still baffling and the way Death Note presented this concept was done in a very very beautiful and intricate way. Both through the writing and the art choice. The animation was very very polish and smooth for 2006 and the sound design was perfect to me. The OST of Death Note is one of the best in my honest opinion.

Full Metal Alchemist: FMA is a classic, one of the first anime I watched and a true classic. The idea of modern alchemy being practiced on such a grand-stage (every day life) was a foreign and crazy cool concept. Full Metal, Ed, and his younger brother Al are an iconic duo in anime and really provided this super intense conviction to become alchemists since the first inclusion of the manga and the anime. The emotional level of every episode was always so tense, even when the episode was meant to be fun and joyful because as the viewer you sit there with the constant reminder of what Edward and Alphonso went through, what they lost..all of this powerful emotion was presented in a such a beautiful art design (great outlines and shading for each scene) and very strong character designs and development throughout the whole series and if I include FMA:Brotherhood here as well, it make the story that much better.

Deadman Wonderland: I..I just wanted an ending..it was too good...it really was..I-I can't.

Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu: HO-LEE SH-IET. This anime isn't finished, it is super recent and it is without a doubt one of my favorite anime of all time. The character designs (for me) were very strong, the sound design was incredible, the concept was a tad cliche at first, but it got better (after giving it 2 episodes), I got hooked. I binged the entire series in a day or two. I have zero regrets, other than I can't watch anymore of it. I am sad because of that alone and am very very anxious awaiting a second season White Fox, please if you have a heart at all, give us the second seasonRem for me is the most incredible character. She is just great, I actually get said thinking about how much she would sacrifice for Subaru..like damn man, if I had anyone similar to that, my life would be in such a different spot and I think I'd be happy...Any ways, I digress. The anime itself has great fight scenes packed into a fun fantasy rom-com.

Angel Beats!: Alright, so this is legitimately the hardest choice for me. I'm not kidding when I say I have been writing this reply for almost 2 hours and have been meticulously deciding on my favorite and where they can fit...So on to Angel Beats! This anime made me cry, I don't think I cried that hard in years and I love this anime with a deep passion. Every character was beautiful designed and their reasons for staying at the school was all too real and their lives pre-death was so tragic (Yui - I cried like a bitch rewatching the anime knowing her story and watching her just move and smile). The concept was so unique and so beautiful and the anime entirely felt like the Game of Thrones of anime toward the end of the anime. Every character got a great amount of screen time and development that you felt connected to each person at that school and I really got attached to them. Everyone was great, the mood for the anime always felt so right and justified and when things were getting almost too sad, there was comic relief from someone (whether it be Yui, TK, or any of the cast really) and if you haven't watched the alternate ending of the anime, I strongly recommend you do if you have any respect for the anime, you will. If you have/or are reading this after you watched it: that was my head-cannon ending like 10 episodes before the ending.

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Why are you interested in joining? I have always wanted to be in a user group filled with people who love anime but leakforums ones arent recruiting
What is your favorite anime?Naruto; because of its funny and witting characters but i am open to suggestions of what i should watch
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